House Share Rules

All these rules are presented to you before you pay any deposits or rent. If you are not happy with any of them refrain from renting this property. Once you enter into an agreement to rent any of the premises you are accepting these terms

Alcohol consumption or possession in the house is forbidden. Anyone under the influence of alcohol or any drugs will be asked to leave.
No smoking inside the premises even with windows open. No loud music.

House Rules No.1: Keep both FRONT DOOR and BACK DOOR quietly and properly locked at all time! Do not let your visitor to get in and out without your company.

House Rules No.2: Keep the communal area spotless clean and tidy at all time! If you fail to comply, you will be banned to use the facilities.

Bathroom Rules (including ground floor toilet & two bathrooms):

1. Clean the wash basin and the shower tray after use (pick up your hair);

2. Wipe clean the mirror;

3. Clean the toilet after use, flush and brush your shit off the toilet properly;

4. Dry the floor if you make it wet;

5. Do not leave your underwear, socks, or any dirty clothes anywhere in the bathroom.

6. Deep clean the bathroom at least once a week.

Kitchen Rules:

1. Wipe clean the worktop after you prepare your food; get rid of all of breadcrumb after you make toasts; (if some of you keep leaving the breadcrumb on the worktop, the toaster will be removed from site. Please watch and remind each other. )

2. Use the kitchen hood provided whatever you start cooking; keep the back door open if the cooking smell is strong;

3. Clean up your mess after cooking, use the spray provided under the sink to do it properly; clean the cleaning cloth afterwards;

4. Wash your dirty dishes properly and clear the drying tray when you see it is full;

5. Do not mix the dirty dishes and the clean ones in the dishwasher; check before you put anything in; rinse away the leftover food before you put anything into the dishwasher; put the dishes, pots in the appropriate places in the machine; start the machine when it is full. It won’t load itself!

6. Wipe clean the dinning table. If you use it, clean it. If you can’t be bother to clean it, DO NOT use it;

7. Do NOT drag the chairs to make a lot of noises, especially in the morning and at night time; if you can’t be bother to move the chairs properly, sit on the floor;

8. Any recyclable materials should be binned directly in the brown bin outside; any general waste should be properly disposed into the grey bin in the kitchen. If you are dumping anything smelling, please bag it in a small plastic bag first. If you see the grey bin is full, please STOP putting more rubbish in. It is EVERYONE’s responsibility to empty the bin when it is full;

9. Use the fridge space allocated to you and do not occupied other people’s space; cover up anything that is smelly; throw away any overdue food;

10. If you are using the communal pots and cutlery, please clean them ASAP and put them back to where they are supposed to be;

11. Do not use other people’s kitchen ware without the owner’s permission;

12. Do not take other people’s food without permission.

13. Lock the windows and the back door when you are the last one leaving the kitchen;

14. Switch off the lights when you are the last one leaving the kitchen.

15. Mop the floor if you drop anything on the floor or you see the floor is dirty. It is everyone’s duty to keep the floor clean!

16. Deep clean the kitchen at least once a week.

House Rules No.3: Keep the house QUIET!

1. Do NOT operate the radio in the shower between 10pm to 10am; even when you operate the radio at the time permitted, please keep the volume down ASAP;

2. Never ever slam any doors in the house; hold the handle and release the door gently;

3. Do NOT run up or down the stairs, especially at early morning or late at night;

4. Do NOT talk loud or shout anywhere in the house, especially at early morning or at night time; Be as quiet as possible when passing other people’s bedroom;

5. Do NOT play loud music or TV program in your room or in the kitchen; if you want to enjoy it loud, put your headphone on!

6. Do NOT come back drunk or bring back anyone drunk making lots of noises at night or early morning;

7. No matter how exciting, how upset, how angry you are, please stay in control at all time and NOT to interrupt other people.

House Rules No.4: Keep your visitors in control!

1. You are responsible for your visitors at all time. Please make sure they understand our house keeping rules and follow exactly the same rules as anybody else in this house; otherwise, they will be asked to leave the house and forbidden for any future visit;

2. Wait at the door to give access to your visitors and always lock the door behind them;

3. If your guests make a mess and do not clean it up, you need to do it;

4. Smoking is not allowed anywhere in the house.

House Rules No.5: No alcohol drinking; No drugs smoking in the property!

1. Please make sure you and your visitors are sober in the property. Any drunken behavior or drinking gathering are not permitted and tolerated in the house and will result in eviction.

2. Any forms of drug consumption in the property, including the private garden area, are not permitted and tolerated. Misbehavior as such will be reported to the Police and you and your visitors will be evicted.